Twitter labeled 300k election tweets with misleading or disputed content, report says

Twitter has been cracking down on election misinformation.  Angela Lang/CNET Twitter added labels with additional context to around 300,000 tweets with potentially misleading or unconfirmed content over two weeks spanning the 2020 US presidential election, according to a Thursday report by CNN. Additionally, Twitter reportedly said more than 450 of the labeled tweets were concealed […]

Walmart site goes down as PS5 orders go up

Screenshot by CNET Walmart is making its PS5 inventory available to buy on its site in several timeslots Thursday, but its site got overwhelmed by customers rushing to buy Sony’s next-gen PlayStation during the first wave. CNET staffers and people on social...
The First Laptop Was Around A Century Ago

The First Laptop Was Around A Century Ago

Invest time in unpaid advertising methods to spice up your small business. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION Companies typically care for three major parts. 1st aspect is Technical Issues: SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING & UI go hand in hand. Therefore, it’s necessary...