Amazon is expanding its offices across the US.

Angela Lang/CNET

Amazon abandoned its plans to build a 25,000-worker campus in Queens, New York, last February, but it hasn’t given up on the Big Apple.

On Tuesday, the e-commerce company announced another round of hiring across six of its tech hubs in the US, with the majority — 2,000 jobs — coming to New York City. Earlier this year, it bought up the Lord & Taylor Fifth Avenue building, which was previously owned by WeWork, for a reported $1 billion and will convert the space into a 630,000 square foot office.

That new hiring adds to Amazon’s announcement in December that it would hire 1,500 more New York workers. That announcement came few months after Amazon scrapping plans for its Queens campus, nicknamed HQ2, amid heavy criticism for the development from local activists and politicians. As of December, Amazon said it employed over 8,000 people in New York City.

Amazon’s hiring plans in Manhattan add to a big uptick in West Coast tech giants hiring thousands more workers in New York, with Google in 2018 spending $2.4 billion to buy up Chelsea Market and Facebook this month agreeing to lease all the office space at the James A. Farley Building by Penn Station. These leases and purchases are creating an emerging tech center along Manhattan’s West Side.

Along with the New York hiring, Amazon plans to add  600 tech and corporate jobs in Dallas, 100 jobs in Detroit, 100 jobs in Denver, 500 jobs to Phoenix and 200 jobs in San Diego. In all, the company plans to hire 3,500 more people in these tech hubs, it said Tuesday, and invest $1.4 billion more for new offices in these cities. The new hires will support a variety of Amazon businesses, including its grocery, fashion cloud-computing and hardware divisions.

While Amazon isn’t building its HQ2 project in New York anymore, another 25,000-employee campus is being developed in the Washington, DC, area. It’s also working to expand substantially in Bellevue, Washington, near its Seattle headquarters.

Amazon said it employs over 876,000 people worldwide.

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