So many people find it hard to decide between using cable TV or streaming services. Some UK telecom services are even trying to see the possibility of integrating the two. But if you want to choose one among the two pending when the two are integrated, there are some factors to make the right choice. 

There are differences between that are most times overlooked, and here are some of the evaluations when choosing between the two:

  1. Availability and Selection of Content

Availability and selection of content are ways of determining the better one between cable and streaming services. Regarding this aspect, cable TV is the best option as the number of channels that cable TVs provide cannot be compared to what streaming services provide. 

Even streaming services that provide some major channels charge a lot for it. If you love to watch many channels, then consider that streaming service is not for you as cable TV has the upper hand in this aspect. 

  1. Transmission of Content

Transmission of content simply means the method through which content is transmitted to viewers. Suppose you are considering using streaming services, and you stay in a place where there is a poor Internet connection

In that case, you might be making the wrong choice because using a streaming service solely depends on how good and fast your Internet connection is. On the other hand, cable TV is very reliable in its transmission since it doesn’t require any Internet connection. 

  1. Pricing

The price of packages offered by both cable TVs and streaming services should be evaluated to know the one that is better for you. Streaming services are generally less expensive than cable TV, but when you consider the services provided by cable TVs, you will see that they are worth it. 

Also, most streaming services have hidden fees plus the cost of Internet service. The difference between these two is that cable TV is more expensive than streaming service but provides many premium channels and services while streaming service is less expensive but has fewer channels. 

  1. Number Of Channels

This factor is a very important thing to consider especially if you enjoy watching many channels. The number of channels streaming services provide is relatively lower compared to cable TV. With a maximum number of 100, streaming services cannot be compared to cable TVs maximum of 400+ channels. 

Streaming services can be chosen if you are living alone. But if it is in a family house, cable TV is preferable to accommodate everyone’s preferences.

  1. Availability of On-Demand Programs

If you are someone who wants to watch all the on-demand shows and programs, then it is recommended that you go for cable TV because some TV shows cannot be streamed, unlike cable TV that keeps you updated with all the current programs. 


It has proved to be hard for many people to choose the better one between cable TV and streaming services. A lot of people consider streaming services to be flexible, although cable TVs are also introducing their mobile apps that can be used to watch on our mobile devices. Everyone has their preferences, that’s why you should consider the things mentioned above before choosing the better one between the two.