January 30, 2019

How to change the WiFi router password in Windows and Mac

If you do not know how to change the WiFi password in your router, this time we will explain step by step how it is done. It is not complicated and will help you to significantly improve the security of your home network, and will even allow you to shield it against intruders (that neighbor exploited …) if you modify some security settings. It can be said that changing the key of the router is the first thing you should do nothing more to launch an Internet connection.

Changing the 台灣大哥大 wifi password in Windows and Mac is a simple process but, due to the peculiarities of each router, it requires some patience. For example, you should know that not any code is worth to protect yourself against cheeks that want to connect to your network for free, nor any encryption is the best possible to avoid that in a matter of a few minutes you can decrypt the full password. Until the new WPA3 arrives, the safest thing will still be to have a WPA / WPA2-PSK password.

But do not be scared. Even if you have never changed the password of your router, in this article we will explain step by step how it is done and we will also give you some tips to improve your 4G 分享器 台灣之星 connection and make it more secure.

1. Access the Router Configuration

The first thing is to enter the configuration settings of your WiFi router. But go! We have only just begun with the first step and it is possible that you have lost your way. How do you enter the router configuration? It’s really simple since you only have to enter an address in the address bar and then a username and password. However, depending on your router model and your company both may vary: in any case, try the universal method that we are going to tell you since it is likely to work in your case.

Here we explain how to access the WiFi router regardless of the model and company. You can find all the information you need to enter the control panel and take charge of everything that happens in your home network.

2. Once inside the settings of your WiFi router

Now that you are in the settings, what section should you go to see your current password and change it? It depends on the model and the language, but it will always be something like Administration (if this menu exists)> Network / Network WLAN> Network of 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz> Security or Access Control. It is important that you select the WLAN Network (無線網路分享器 or Wireless) otherwise you will modify the values ​​of the wired network, not the WiFi.

Now let’s go to the really important thing: how to change the WiFi password in Windows, Mac and Linux without dying in the attempt. Before getting down to work, there are several points you should keep in mind:

Your router settings

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January 24, 2019

How To Find The Right Replacement Pump

The right pump can help you move all kinds of fluids from one place to another. This is useful in manufacturing, disaster recovery and even home heating and cooling systems. When you are looking for a new pump you will want to keep in mind what type you already have, what you want to move and how you want to move it.


Your Pump

If you already have a liquiflo mag drive gear pump, then it is a good idea to order another one of the same make and model. This will ensure that you have the right fit and function for your needs and put less strain on your motor and the new pump. If you are unable to get the same unit, or if you do not have one already, then it is a good idea to compare the specifications of the currently offered pumps to those that you need for the job at hand.

Your Fluid

The type of fluid you are trying to move has a lot to do with the type of pump you purchase. For instance, if the liquid is caustic, then you will want to make sure that your pump is made from materials which are resistant to the corrosion. Similarly, if your fluid is magnetic, then you will not want to use a mag drive to power your gears.

Your Movement

There are a couple of different ways that a motor can move the gears inside of a pump. One is through moving a magnet around the pump, pulling an outer gear, and another is through one or more drive shafts inserted into the gears themselves. You can compare specifications to determine which type of movement is the best for your needs and your equipment.

Finding the right replacement equipment, or a brand-new pump, can be easier than you think. Once you understand the unit specifications, you can compare them to new makes and models to find the best fit. The right pump can help you clean up after a disaster, manufacture new items and much more.…

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January 22, 2019

Augmentation mammaire pour obtenir le coffre que vous avez toujours voulu

L’augmentation mammaire est réalisée pour plusieurs raisons. Le premier consiste à améliorer l’estime de soi et le physique et le second est la reconstruction. L’augmentation mammaire augmente la taille des seins par l’insertion d’implants mammaires. Cette procédure peut être effectuée à travers le nombril, sous le mamelon et sous celui-ci. L’implant est inséré, et s’il s’agit d’un implant salin, il est alors rempli de liquide. La procédure peut durer plusieurs heures en fonction de l’état de vos seins et du type d’implant que vous souhaitez installer, ce qui est différent de la lifting paupières supérieures, qui est plus simple.

Les deux types d’implants courants sont la solution saline et le silicium. Il y a eu beaucoup de controverse sur les implants en silicone. La bonne chose, c’est que le produit a subi de nombreux changements et que, selon les inventeurs, il est parfaitement sûr et ne fuit pas. Le temps de récupération pour une chirurgie mammaire dépend de l’endroit où les implants sont placés. Si elles sont placées sous le muscle, la récupération est considérablement plus longue que sur le muscle. Vous devriez également attendre 3-4 semaines avant de commencer une activité physique. Cela inclut tout ce qui peut augmenter votre fréquence cardiaque.

En conclusion, faites beaucoup de recherches pour déterminer si l’augmentation mammaire vous convient. Il y a beaucoup de ressources sur le net avec beaucoup d’informations utiles. Il existe même un site Web qui vous montrera à quoi vous ressemblerez avant et après l’opération. C’est une chose importante que vous allez mettre dans votre corps.

Il y a divers risques en cause puisqu’il s’agit d’une chirurgie majeure. Vous serez mis sous anesthésie. Vous ne pourrez plus faire ce que vous avez l’habitude de faire pendant peut-être plus d’un mois. Surtout, faites beaucoup de recherches sur le médecin afin d’obtenir le meilleur et assurez-vous qu’il va vous fournir ce dont vous avez besoin.…

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January 13, 2019

The best torrent9 VPN

Do you like downloading online content from your computer? If you do, then you’re in the right place. It’s time to find out more about torrent9 VPN and how they can be used to access all your favorite series and movies, with French subtitles.

What are torrent9 and P2P downloading

Torrent9 is a website that provides torrent download links for all your favorite movies and series and it is very popular in France because they offer French subtitles for their content. Torrent9 is not a normal downloading website, because there are no direct links which you can use. Instead, you need to use a P2P downloading application that works with torrents. These torrents can then be found on torrent9 and can be downloaded on your application, like BitTorrent or uTorrent.

Torrents are referred to as P2P downloads because of how they work. Instead of downloading directly from a website, like with traditional Direct Download Link (DLL) downloads, but instead, you download from other users – P2P stands for Peer-2-peer. P2P downloads were very popular for the past 10 – 15 years, but now they are facing a lot of trouble with international laws. Governments are cracking down on these sites, like torrent9, because they allow people to illegally download copyrighted content. If you live in France and what to access torrent9, you might have some problems. French ISPs no longer allow access to the website, but luckily, with a torrent9 VPN, you can make it work.

What is torrent9 VPN

When you connect to a public network, anyone can see who you are and what you are doing. It allows for complete transparency, but it also takes away our privacy. Anyone can find out more about us, hackers, government agencies, and even companies are using this to their advantage. This is how the French ISPs can limit access to torrent9 because they can see who is accessing the website and from where. Anyone that accesses it from France is blocked from entering.

A torrent9 VPN is your answer to this. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and that is exactly what it is. A VPN creates a secure Virtual Private Network for you to use before searching the internet (or any public network). All your data and information is passed through a ‘tunnel’ which protects your information and data from any prying eyes – including French ISPs.

This means you can easily access Torrent9 by using a VPN. All you need to do is choose a location that is outside of France and voila, complete access to all your favorite French content.

What torrent9 VPN to choose

There are many torrent9 VPNs to choose from and most of the work similarly. There are a few things you should look out for, like, no log policies and kill switches. A no logging policy means VPN company doesn’t store your private information and a kill switch immediately terminates your connection to the internet if your VPN stops working. These are useful features …

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January 8, 2019

Does Content Circulation Equal Success?

These days, advertising is no longer focused on printing flyers, brochures, posters, or large billboards. The most effective way to market is now through the World Wide Web.

This article talks about how marketing companies and businesses become more visible online and build profitable band names for themselves.   

What is Online Visibility all about?

Optimization involves the complex process of building, tweaking, and setting up a website for your business in order to make it more visible in the web. With the millions of sites and domains available, it is important to get noticed to be able to gain more clients and sales.

Since search engines are considered as the most visited sites in the internet, they have become the core of the optimization process.  Also, Social Media platforms have their own search engines within their code. Then you have websites that are vacation sites advertising hotels that have their own built in search engines.

Search engines are ever so important, and it is the reviews your business gets and the content you use that will determine how successful your product or service offering will be when it comes to visibility.

Why is it necessary?

Whenever a person keys in words in the search boxes, the results page would present him with a list of links to the websites that could possibly provide him with what he is looking for. According to statistics, most folks only give attention to the ones listed on the first page. This is the reason why it is important to have a site optimized.

Through optimization, a business web page gets to have higher ranks and greater chances of being seen.  

What processes are involved?

The most basic processes involved are content creation and link building. The engines could seek out possible connections between the words in a site’s content to what the person is seeking every time he or she types in keywords which are associated with the website.

Whenever there are plenty of relevant links are identified, you get to have higher ranks. Therefore, content creation should be planned well for link building to get results.   

Press releases are also very important as well as emailing content so people click through to websites offers. A lot of people use services such as to drive business results via online visibility.

How is the content tweaked?

The content title, body, URL, and captions should include the keywords whenever writers create a text. To avoid being marked as spam, just the right amount is used on the article. The URL is also altered so that it can be effortlessly understood and remembered. Men and women would rather check out links which are from “” instead of ““.

If pictures are found, captions are added since search engines are not capable of reading photos. With the growing popularity of social networks, experts also make use of these sites as places to advertise as well.

They can lead prospective clients …

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January 5, 2019

Tips for Choosing Phone Accessories Carefully

Mobile phone accessories are very diverse, sold in cell phone accessories stores and online stores, such as cell phone chargers, USB cables, cell phone cases, headsets, headphones, Bluetooth devices, scratch-resistant coatings, and much more things you can look at Coque personnalisée.

The diversity of types of cell phone accessories can be used for different purposes. For that, when you buy it, it should be adjusted to your needs.

Even though accessories are now easy to get, you shouldn’t be arbitrary in choosing them. You must be careful when buying it so that you get a product that is not only able to complete the use of your mobile phone, but also quality.

So that you do not choose the wrong, here are some tips that you can apply when buying cell phone accessories, including the following:

1. Choose only accessories that fit your phone

To be effective, when buying cell phone accessories you should adjust it to your needs. For example, it requires a cell phone case to protect the cell phone body as well as to beautify the cellphone so you can choose a cell phone case made from silicone rather than a better plastic when protecting the cellphone from collisions.

If the selected case can look attractive, you can choose a cell phone case that is designed with unique images or motifs tailored to your taste.

2. Shop for cellphone accessories at a trusted store.

A trusted store is of course caused by several factors, such as having been trusted by many consumers, having guaranteed quality goods, and several other supporting reasons.

For that, it would be better for you to buy handphone accessories in a trusted place so that you get good and quality items so that when used it will be more durable than those that are not qualified.

3. Choose accessories according to the type of your cell phone.

Buying cellphone accessories in accordance with the type will give you many advantages because indeed it has been designed from the start to support the performance of your cellphone’s type or brand.

Like for example when buying a cellphone charger you should choose according to the cell phone brand, as well as when buying a cell phone case and a screen guard, you can adjust to the type of your cell phone.

4. Choose a price that fits your budget.

Nowadays there are so many cell phone accessories that are sold at affordable prices but still of high quality. Well, so you get a product that you have to be careful when choosing it.

5. Comparing brands with each other.

Although both are sold with the same function, sometimes the features provided between one product accessory and another have several differences. For that, you should do a comparison in advance in order to get cell phone accessories that are as desired and avoid you from disappointment.

If you have subscribed to an online cell phone accessories store, it would not hurt you to check to …

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December 28, 2018

Go Out of the Box for Your Online Store

If you’re thinking of starting an online store you basically have two options, you can either use and out of the box solutions such as Shopify, Etsy or WooCommerce, or build your very own website. Now while both will give you what you need in terms of an end-product, we would like to show you why you should be going with the former by using an out of the box solution.

Here are just some of the very many benefits of using something like Shopify for your online store:

1. Most of the Hard Work is Already Done

You can just imagine what building a website from scratch will involve, especially considering yours will be a store that accepts payments and will, therefore, need a lot more work for it to be built. With a solution such as Shopify, as Shopify store reviews will show, most of this has already been done for you. The core site is already there as is the ability to accept payments and you can just build it yourself and make it look how you want it to.

Security and Hosting Dealt with Too

Another advantage is that your websites security and hosting is all handled for you as well. This means you will not have to mess around finding hosting for your site and setting up the security that you will need because you are dealing with credit/debit cards and other forms of payments that require sensitive personal information from your customers.

Easy to Customise Product Listings

Any online store will require a lot of work in terms of the backend. You will always have to add new products, their images and the content needed. This can be an arduous task if you have built your own website but with something like Shopify, this process is so much easier. You literally just have to fill in a few fields, add your pics and you are done.

Professional Support

You also come backed with help from professionals that know the product that you’re using. When your own website has issues, you’re going to have to stump up cash to have an expert come and fix things but whenever you have an issue with Shopify, you get free support at any time of the day. You can ask them absolutely anything too and you will always get a quick and knowledgeable reply from a friendly agent.


Simply put, if you want an easier and more efficient way to set up your online store, there is no better way than to use an out of the box solution. Our recommendation is that of Shopify as has the better all-around package compared to others. You can check out reviews of Shopify all over the web but some of the best can be found at As you will quickly see, Shopify is the choice of millions of online stores and we feel it will be the best choice for yours as well.

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November 29, 2018

Check Out Cyberghost VPN For Better Online Security

This VPN review covers Cyberghost review VPN, one of the top contenders in the world of VPNs. This is a particularly user-friendly and simple VPN that doesn’t limit quality. Looking for a new VPN or you haven’t used a VPN before? Then this review will help make your decision a lot easier.

What can it do?

What a VPN can do is one of the major questions asked by potential customers. Most people use VPNs to securely surf the internet and access various areas that may be off-limits depending on your location.

When it comes to security, Cyberghost does not take any shortcuts. The company is based in Romania, which is one of the forerunners on internet security in Europe. This, coupled with their ‘no log policy’ means you can trust that your information is inaccessible to both 3rd parties and Cyberghost themselves. They have a variety of protocols available, including L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN, PPTP, and AES-256.

Let’s get down to the fun stuff. Cyberghost will help you connect to all online content that may be blocked depending on your location. This includes Netflix, BBC, and other online streaming websites. Do you live in China or plan to go there soon? If you are, then you should know about their online content censorship, which limits access to certain Western sites, including various social media and news platforms. Cyberghost has reliable servers to get around this so won’t have to be limited.

P2P connections are also an option with Cyberghost. All torrent applications and sites are usable with this VPN.


This is another important thing to ask when committing to a VPN. There is no use if a VPN promises many things only not to deliver. Cyberghost is not one of these companies and you can rest assured that what you see is what you get.

They have plenty of servers to choose from, with over 2,000 servers across 59 countries. You should have no problem finding one to choose from their list and generally, customers do not have much trouble connecting.

When there is trouble, their support team is available 24/7. You can access them via their website’s live chat or through their ticket system. The live chat is not always the best, as support staff doesn’t always have answers to more technical questions, but the support team behind the ticket system is knowledgeable and able to assist you with any queries.


Luckily Cyberghost won’t break your bank either. They have a few packages to choose from, including monthly, 6-monthly, and annually. If you subscribe for one month you pay $11.99/month, but for a year you only pay $2.75/month, thanks to their 12+6 months free bonus. This is a temporary bargain and one of the lowest prices available on the market.

They have accepted Bitcoin, credit cards, and PayPal, making subscription effortless. If you are wary about spending money on a service you haven’t tried, you can make use of their 7-day free trial. This, coupled with their 45-day …

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October 26, 2018

SEO Tips That You Should Know If You Have a Small Business

We all know the idea that SEO is one of the most important parts of digital marketing that will help you reach a wider audience especially if you follow its rules and regulations. It does not matter if you have a large or small business, because you will be able to benefit from it. In the past, only rich and significant businesses had enough funds to pay for commercials and advertisements. Nowadays, in the digital era, you have to learn how to optimize your website and other social media channels so that you can increase your brand awareness and bring people to you organically.

You should check search engine optimization tips that will help you understand what you should and what you should not do during the process of optimization.

Why Is SEO Vital For Your Startup?

It will offer you a wide array of benefits and advantages especially if you are a small business owner. We are here to present you main benefits that will allow you to get more information on advantages of optimization:

You Will Make User-Friendly And More Engaging Website – The first and most important reason why you should implement quality optimization is that you will make your website faster, better and friendlier for your visitors and potential customers. Even though search engine optimization focuses on search results and ranking, the content and things you have on the website will become more engaging when you decide to follow all rules and regulations. The idea is to make your visitors and users happy, which will make search engines happy too. You have to follow specific tips so that you can improve user experience, which will provide you with a wide array of long-term and short-term advantages.

Assist Business Growth And Find New Customers – You have to think about it and understand that the main reason for your website is to find appropriate customer base and to differentiate from your competitors. The central fact that you should know is that your business with the proper webpage will grow twice faster than competitors without it. Optimization will help you gain better rankings when people are searching through search engines, which will lead to more visits and more customers in the long run. Click here to learn more on search engine optimization.

You Will Find New Markets – Since the world wide web is the fastest growing market,having a successful SEO campaign will help you explore your business and find other markets that you couldn't before and without it. Using social media markets and platforms, as well as mobile marketplaces, will increase your traffic levels and boost SEO performance.

You Will Achieve Great Conversion Rates – Creating a website with proper SEO means that you will make it simple to use, fast and mobile-friendly, which are three most important aspects when it comes to your site performance. This will increase the number of conversions, and you will get more customers as a result. That will also help you …

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October 16, 2018

Localisation portable gratuity an easy way to find a device




Geolocation is identifying or estimating the real world location of any object like mobile phone, radar source or computer terminal connected to an internet connection. Geolocation uses global positioning system and many other technologies to specify and access the geographical locations. Geolocation gives the location of any device and is generally used in a variety of human tracing applications. It works through an already built GPS into a device which propagates the latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates. The locations which are to be identified are traced on a map with the complete address that may include a city, town, country, street address and building name using the coordinates. Geolocation may also be identified with the help of an IP address, MAC, EXIF, RF and many other wireless systems of positioning. Localisation portable gratuit is done by locating any portable phone or device and is highly helpful for finding lost objects. There are many websites available which provide a powerful tool for geolocation. There is a constant increase in the theft of the mobile phones basically because of the usage of the device.

Applications are being designed to locate the mobile phones and are proving to be very helpful in case of such a loss. The telephone operators have an opportunity to evaluate the exact distance between the cell phones and also obtain the geographic coordinates through a satellite receiver. The data is secure. Every owner of the program, geolocation software and application buys the data and presents it in form of a map. If the phone of any person is stolen it should be especially kept in mind to pre-register the passwords from the safety point of view. A kill switch system which is anti-theft is been launched due to the increase in the mobile thefts. This system is very effective in deterring the thieves. There are different apps been launched by different mobile users for the safety of their user’s device. The map available on the mobile phones now a day truly is a helpful tool as it guides the users in many ways. There are official sites present of finding a phone which has a registered identification on the platform.

 The location can be used as

  • Seeing the position of the lost device on the map
  • Locking and tracking the location using the lost mode
  • Locking the device on the computer so that any data could not tamper with or lost.
  • The device should be ringed many times.
  • All the important information from the device should be deleted.

Much other software should be used to locate the lost device, the device should be locked, and photos should be taken for any security issue. The software and apps present on the mobile phones are free of cost and should be used when the need arises. The localisation portable gratuity should be installed in the phone so that if the need arises it can be used. The account should be created indicating the mobile number of the considered device …

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