House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at a press conference in May. An altered video of the event went viral on Facebook over the weekend, fact checkers said.

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Third party fact checkers working in partnership with Facebook said a newly viral video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been altered to make her speech appear slurred, giving her the appearance of being intoxicated., a program of the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania, said the video is slowed down in places and spliced together from different moments of the San Francisco Democrat’s appearance at a May 20 press conference. 

The video has been seen more than 2.5 million teams and now carries a label of “partly false.”

Facebook didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. It’s not the first time an altered video of Pelosi has appeared on the social media platform. Another video from May of 2019 took a similar technique of slowing down parts of the congresswoman’s speech to make her appear drunk.

In February of 2020, a video again circulated of Pelosi, this time making it look like she tore up a copy of a speech given by US President Donald Trump after he honored a Tuskegee airman and members of the US military. In reality, Pelosi tore up a copy of Trump’s State of the Union speech after he addressed lawmakers that month.

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