International travelers coming to the US may have to obtain a negative COVID-19 test before boarding.

Kent German/CNET

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reportedly approved a measure Tuesday that will require practically all international air travelers to obtain a negative COVID-19 test before flying to the US. The order would go into effect Jan. 26, people familiar with the matter told Reuters

All passengers age 2 and up flying to the US would need to get negative test results within three days of flying, according to the report. The CDC will reportedly consider waivers for those from countries without adequate testing capacity.

The CDC didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Vaccination efforts are ongoing as the US struggles to battle a surge in COVID-19 cases. The US currently has two approved COVID-19 vaccines — from Moderna and Pfizer — that are being administered across the country. Experts say it’s critical to continue wearing a mask and to practice social distancing until enough Americans get vaccinated, which is still several months away.

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