The powerful features of the Vivo V 17 Pro are the reason why it is considered to be a perfect smartphone. The phone has been designed to cater to the needs and demands of individuals who like to perform all their tasks with their fingertips. The Vivo V 17 Pro comes with an innovative modular design, which provides users with the convenience of a fully customized phone.

The phone features

The phone features all the necessary connectivity features required by an individual who wants to take his or her calls, listen to music and also do everything else on the go. The vivid screen, high definition images, excellent sound quality and the super AMOLED display are some of the impressive smartphone features of this model. The device also has a wide screen, which provides a crystal-clear view of the displayed information. Moreover, the large storage, fast charging and a stunning display make this handset one of the top choices.

High performance hardware

The vivo v17 pro is loaded with high performance hardware, which enables it to retain the performance level even after multiple applications are run on the phone. The handset comes with an intuitive interface, which enables quick and easy navigation of the phone. Apart from the stunning hardware, the phone also comes with some interesting softwares which enhances the efficiency of the device. Some of these include:

The Vivo v17 pro features a two megapixel camera which helps it to capture sharp images in all lighting conditions. There are some additional photographic features, such as the ability to edit, crop and delete images. The internal memory is expandable, so that the user can store more pictures. This handset has two different memory configurations, namely, low and high memory. It has been loaded with the Android operating system, which supports several functionalities such as Google Android experience, SMS and email services, games, and many more.

Fully functional operating system

The view is 17 who has been loaded with the Linux OS, which offers a fully functional operating system. Users can enjoy the benefit of high-end connectivity, which includes Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi and Web browsing facilities. It comes with a powerful multimedia speaker called THX Boost, which enables users to enjoy their movies and music at its best. This handset has a dual LED flashlight, so that it can be used in the dark. The handset also features a high-end GSM modem, so that it can easily communicate with the nearby cell phone towers.

One of the major highlights of the Vivo in 17 pro is its ability to act as a portable music player, thanks to its powerful sound system that contains several built-in instruments. It features two earphone jacks, so that you can enjoy your music without having to carry other accessories. Also, it offers a large display for viewing the entire screen at one time. The phone also has a fast-charging Quick Charge system, so that you do not have to wait for a long time for the battery to charge. The handset has a very large storage capacity, so that you can save plenty of data. All these advantages have made the Vivo in 17 for a much desired smartphone in the market.