It is because of the overabundance of content in a textual format that videos have become so popular — for one thing, videos are so much easier to watch than trying to read content that may be poorly written. For these reasons and many more, 1 billion hours of videos are watched on a daily basis worldwide.

Those that decide to pursue digital marketing careers should first understand why videos can be so powerful as a marketing tool. Although they may have an interest in making viral videos, they need to know how to incorporate certain strategies in their videos in order to become more competitive.

Let’s look at an outline of how you can share videos that you create, and present five reasons why using videos online can be a successful marketing strategy.

Why Such a Focus on Videos?

Although articles can be written in a proper way, videos can present real-life pictures and images; this allows people to consume the content faster plus they can be shared on many different platforms. If you can create engaging and entertaining videos, this will provide a large ROI for your business if you are marketing your products on video channels.

Anyone can access videos today as we all have some form of Internet connection, and the Internet can allow us to produce and watch videos as well. Higher quality videos, specifically those that are created at a professional level, can be created by people with just a small amount of training which may be under an hour.

Various Types of Video Production Ideas

To create an effective content marketing strategy, you should consider creating many different types of videos, but this will require you to plan and create them (along with any other content that you would like to produce). Your video channel, and the videos that you create, should be geared toward social sharing and also have a specific focus.

Here is a quick review of how you can benefit by using different types of videos.

You might want to start with explainer videos in order to educate people about products that you are recommending, plus they can provide instruction, customer service options, and can be used for various reasons.

It is advantageous to do interviews, allowing both sides to present their opinions, and you may want to also have influencers or special guests from time to time. This is also a great way to connect people with experts, and you can repurpose the video in an audio format for your podcasting endeavours.

Doing product reviews, or even demo reviews, can be done in exchange for free products. If you want to boost your social following in your industry, videos are a fantastic way of generating free advertising. These videos can also help you learn more information about different types of products, and video reviews tend to get a lot of engagement in the form of comments. When you review the comments, this will help you understand your market, as it is a form of market research in most cases.

If you are able to do live videos, your audience will appreciate that, and it is perfect for navigating around social media channels.

By using standard SCO practices, and looking at metrics for your videos, you can see which ones are performing the best. Once you have created a library of videos, you can use YouTube to keep everything organised, and subsequently incorporate these videos into your email campaigns and the posts that you have on blogs. An app incubator can also help you with marketing.